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CB JOE is on your side when judging if makes sense to repair a TV. Our goal is to try to repair a TV at a reasonable cost. We strongly encourage you to bring the TV to our shop for your benefit in lowering costs. If you are unable we can pick up the TV but there would be an additional cost. There is a diagnoses fee for repairs of $40 for TVs up to 43" in size and $80. for TV’s above 43". The deposit fee is deducted from the cost of a completed repair. The technician will complete repairs if the cost is reasonable and up to a predetermined amount. Major repair costs would be given an estimate, or the shop may determine that the total cost would not be reasonable to complete. The service deposit is not refundable. As a courtesy CB JOE will apply half that amount toward a new replacement TV.

There will be no additional cost for parts ordered and not used. CB JOE will assume the burden of disposing of your unit if you choose.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 302-322-7600.

TV Repair